OCRF - How we give back

We are so incredibly proud to be able to say we are now members of OCRF’s Club 1054. A corporate club to help support The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, whose primary focus is to fund ovarian cancer research.

• Ovarian cancer continues to be one of the most lethal and least understood cancers affecting women and girls and is mostly diagnosed in the advanced stages (3 and 4).
• Today, four women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
• The symptoms of ovarian cancer are so vague.
• Around 70% of women are diagnosed in the advanced stages, meaning only around 29% of these women are expected to survive beyond five years
• Many women will have entered hospital to undergo exploratory surgery, but most will wake to find they have undergone a complete hysterectomy
• Invasive surgery is currently the only way of detecting and accurately diagnosing ovarian cancer
• Instead of being allowed to simply rest and recover from major surgery, they then undergo intense chemotherapy as first line treatment, with few options to personalise and target this therapy to their specific cancer type
• Many ovarian cancer patients discover that even if their treatment succeeds in getting rid of their cancer, there’s an 80% chance that it will come back.

The aim of OCRF is to find an early detection test and also discover better, more effective treatments that will help women survive their ovarian cancer diagnosis long term.

The most common symptoms and silent signs of ovarian cancer are:

• Unexplained weight loss
• Vague abdominal pain or pressure
• Feeling of abdominal fullness, gas, nausea, indigestion - different to your normal sensations
• Sudden abdominal swelling, weight gain or bloating
• Persistent changes in bowel or bladder patterns
• Low backache or cramps
• Abnormal vaginal bleeding
• Pain during intercourse

As a female owned business, we hope our support will help bring change to the lives of millions of women!!  Every little bit counts!

For more information and to find out how you can also help head to: www.ocrf.com.au

**All information sourced from the OCRF website